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Liv Ullmann: "I was always reading a book in-between takes and once I looked up and they were still doing a lot with the camera…and…and I…looked up and Sven Nykvist, the cinematographer, was doing things with the camera and then, there, doing nothing…was Ingmar and he was just…looking at me. And I knew…he…he felt something for me.” (x)

A great relationship between a director and a actress the loved and create together. Bet to be inspired

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Sid’s Cafe, from Last of the Summer Wine, is decorated with King of the Mountains polka dots and a cardboard cutout of Nora Batty, in Holmfirth. The Christopher Furlong photograph is part of a Guardian gallery of photos from Yorkshire as the county prepares for the arrival of the Tour de France.

Lets enjoy it!!!

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I dreamed of you last night while I was with another woman. You wanted a child from me. How can I get rid of that image now? 

I’m leaving you because it’s too late or too early to start all over again. Because you’re so far away from me and I’m already suffering too much. And because I still don’t know how to live with this love I can’t control. But I know the bond between us is stronger than time. 

I’m leaving you with the hope of meeting you again, one day when we’re more free and more worthy of our love.”

Goodbye First Love (Mia Hansen-Løve, 2011)

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Only the magic is the art we don’t understand!!!

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"We put Mother in the ground, but I don’t think she’ll stay there. They never stay, do they?"

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"But I suppose we all play parts."

"What’s yours?"


Penny Dreadful 1.04 - “Demimonde”

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"Your hands want to touch. Your head wants to appraise. Your heart is torn between the two. You were skeptical because you thought this was going to be a wasted evening, but now you’re not so sure."

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When the poets write of death, it’s invariably serene…. I wonder if that’s what it is, really. This death. This ending of things.

                                   d e a t h  i s  n o t  s e r e n e .

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